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Word of the Week--"Forthcoming"
Definition--Forthcoming- adj. 1. about to appear; readily available; approaching. 2. sociable, communicative.

Discussion--Picture it: a board room, stiff executives lining a long, intimidating table. The CEO is pondering a proposal just made by a Junior Partner (hoping very much to be a Senior Partner). The CEO looks around, looks at the Junior Partner, and says, "Good work, Smithers. I will have to look into the issue further. A decision will be forthcoming."

Okay, so maybe the example above is a little dramatic, but you get the point. Forthcoming implies that something is approaching, in the above example a decision. Forthcoming can also be used to describe a person who is very open and talkative. Some people are forthcoming to a fault. This is where the TMI rule comes into place. TMI stands for Too Much Information, and is an acronym that I use when someone goes overboard in revealing personal matters to me. For instance, if I am waiting outside a restroom, and the previous patron of the facilities walks out and says, "Whoa! That was a rough one," it would be a classic example of TMI. People do not need to be forthcoming about such things!

Etymology--Forthcoming- formed from forth + coming. Forth was developed form Old English forth, meaning forward. Coming is a derivative of come, from comen, earlier cumen, form Old English cuman.

Notice that in the foreign translations there are multiple translations in each language. The first translations are to be used when you are speaking of a communcative person, the second to imply that something is approaching.

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  tegemoetkomend, aanstaand
French:  ouvert(e), à paraître
German:  mitteilsam, kommend
Italian:  aperto, comunicativo, prossimo
Spanish:  comunicativo, próximo, de próxima aparición

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