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Word of the Week--"Flabbergasted"
Definition--Flabbergasted- adj. overcome with amazement; shocked; bewildered.

Discussion--What a great word! It is just fun to say- FLABBERGASTED! Someone can become flabbergasted when they have been greatly surprised by something or someone. Flabbergasted people are quite often a comical site. They may scratch their heads, stomp their feet, or look around with an utter look of confusion. They may just sit there open-mouthed looking like idiots. Perhaps this is how the word was formed- as a combination of the words flabby and aghast. People's lips and facial expression become flabby when they are aghast (stuck with amazement). This is purely speculation, however.

I am flabbergasted whenever I watch professional wrestling on television. I guess that I just don't get it. It always bewilders me that people watch it and actually think it's real. The wrestlers never come closer than three inches with their "punches." The wrestlers themeselves have some great flabbergasted looks when they pretend to be hit. I must say, it is entertaining to watch in that it makes me laugh.

Etymology--Flabbergasted- the actual etymology of this word is unknown, but some speculate it is a combination of the words flabby and aghast (see above).

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  verstomd, versteld
French:  sidéré
German:  platt
Italian:  sbalordito
Spanish:  estupefacto, atónito, pasmado

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