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Word of the Week--"Expenditure"
Definition--Expenditure- n. something that is expended, used, or given away; often used in reference to time, money, and energy.

Discussion- My wife is a first-year teacher this year, and one thing that she is finding out is that being a beginning teacher requires many expenditures of money, time, and energy.

There are many supplies that a first year teacher must purchase to get the classroom together, and most schools do not provide a very generous stipend for these supplies. As a result, teachers are forced to pay for these supplies out of their own pocket, and teachers are not paid all that much to begin with!

I am also amazed at the expediture of time required for a first-year teacher. A first-year teacher has no previous lesson plans to use and has not yet developed time-saving methods that veteran teachers acquire over the years. As a result, first-year teachers often expend 60-70 hours a week in planning, implementing, and grading.

Putting this much time into anything will drain one's energy, and this is perhaps the most costly expenditure for beginning teachers. I have expended exhaustive amounts of energy just thinking about it!

Etymology--Expenditure- from Medieval Latin expenditus, formed from venditus, past participle of vendere, meaning to sell.

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  uitgave(n) (de)
French:  dépense (f)
German:  Ausgabe (f)
Italian:  spesa
Spanish:  gasto, desembolso

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