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Word of the Week--"Exhilaration"
Definition--Exhilaration- n. An overwhelming feeling of joy; extreme happiness.

Discussion-- The word exhilarate comes from the Latin exhilarare, meaning literally "to thoroughly make cheerful." And that is just what occurs when we experience feelings of exhilaration, we are made thoroughly happy. At that moment, every thing is good and all of the bad things in life are forgotten.

What brings on these amazing feelings of ecstasy? It could be anything, really, that inspires us to be blissfully happy. Perhaps you have just made the winning shot in a basketball game. You may have just received a promotion at work. Maybe you were just proposed to. Certainly all of these events would leave anyone exhilarated.

I have had several defining moments of exhilaration in my life. The one that stands out the most is the moment that I proposed to my wife and she accepted. I was taken over by an absolute feeling of joy. Another moment was when I found out that I had made the varsity basketball team in high school. It is these exhilarating moments that make everything seem worth it.

Etymology--Exhilaration- borrowed from Latin exhilarare, meaning to gladden, or cheer (ex- thoroughly + hilarare- make cheerful).

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  blijdschap (de)
French:  euphorie (f)
German:  Heiterkeit (f)
Italian: allegria
Spanish: euforia, excitación

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