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Word of the Week--"Dilapidated"
Definition Dilapidated- (adj.) reduced to ruin, in need of repair; often used in reference to buildings or furniture.

Discussion--I once lived in a dilapidated apartment which was full of dilapidated furniture and rested upon a dilapidated foundation. It was in my college years when I didn't have much money (not that much has changed!) When you go walking through the poorer districts of cities you will find that many of the buildings are dilapidated, or run down. Many community service projects have been started in order to restore these buildings, many of which hold historical significance. Habitat for Humanity is an organization that aids people in restoring their homes into their original condition.

While the word dilapidated is usually used to describe buildings or furniture, it can be used in other ways. I have heard it used to describe someone's spirit after that person has suffered a crushing defeat, e.g. "the defeated boxer shuffled out of the ring, carrying his dilapidated spirit with him."

Etymology--probably a back formation of dilapidation, borrowed from Latin dilapidare, meaning to pelt with stones, ruin, destroy.

Note that the only translation that bears resemblance to the English word is French.

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  in verval geraakt
French:  délabré
German:  heruntergekommen
Italian: cadente
Spanish: ruinoso, destartalado, desvencijado

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