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Word of the Week--"copyright"
Definition--the sole right, granted by law, to print, publish, translate, perform, film or record an original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work for a certain number of years.
Discussion--In my quest for words to use in my word of the week articles, I often find myself turning to the everyday household items around me. I read book jackets, food labels and box tops to see if they will provide the inspiration I seek.

Today it was a little copyright symbol that caught my eye. As I looked down at it, I began to consider how often those encircled c's appear in everyday life. And then I thought that each little c represents a stack of legal documents filed away in an office somewhere, and some creative person or group of people who worked to produce something completely original. Something that is (generally) of use to the world. Then I thought, those c's represent an awful lot of work. And an awful lot of filing.

Etymology--The term copyright first appeared in the English language in about 1735. The word is essentially the same in French, Italian and Spanish while German and Dutch translations are more similar to the term "authorship."

   Foreign Translations
German:  Urheberrecht (nt)
Dutch:  auteursrecht (het)
French:  copyright (m)
Italian:  copyright
Spanish:  copyright, derechos de reproduccion

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