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Word of the Week--"Communicate"
Definition--to impart (information, ideas, etc); to make something known or understood.
Discussion--Each and every day human beings engage in the act of communication. People can communicate in a variety of different ways. Before language was even invented, people were able to communicate with one another through the use of looks, body language or even pictures.

Today people around the world use spoken or written language to communicate. Language can be used to communicate simple ideas, like "Please pass the salt." It can also be used in far more complex ways. For instance, great authors and poets use language to communicate interesting and abstract ideas.

Etymology--The term communicate is probably a form of the English communication and borrowed from the Latin communicatus. This is the past participle of the Latin communicare, meaning to share, impart or make common.

   Foreign Translations
German:  Bekanntgeben
Dutch:  Dekendmaken
French:  Communiquer
Italian:  Comunicare
Spanish:  Comunicar, hacer saber

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