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Word of the Week--"Adolescence"
Definition--Adolescence- n. the stage between childhood and adulthood, often accompanied by many mental and physical changes. Usually occurs between the ages of 14 to 25 for men and 12 to 21 for women.

Discussion--The word adolescence has developed a negative connotation through the years. Many parents develop a headache at the mention of the term! This transitional time in the life of a young adult is associated with youthful rebellion and experimentation, two things that can drive a parent crazy. Accompanied with this natural process are many physical and emotional changes for the young adult, and this can lead to emotional confusion for the individual.

In my adolescence I was quite a challenging person to deal with. My parents sure did have their hands full! I was ornery, difficult, and easily irritated- all of which led me to be quite irritating to others!

Etymology--Adolescence- borrowed from Middle French adolescence, from Latin adolescentia, which is the present participle of adolescere (grow up; ad- to + -olescere grow up).

Note the similarities in the foreign translations. The only language that does not show striking similarities is German.

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  adolescentie (de)
French:  adolescence
German:  jugend
Italian:  adolescenza
Spanish:  adolescencia

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