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Word of the Week--"Adjudication"
Definition--Adjudication- v. the act of judgement.

Discussion-- Adjudication refers to the act of judgement, specifically judgement handed down by a judicial official. And no one did it better than old Judge Wapner from The People's Court. People have long been interested in judicial proceeding, so much so that we will actually watch small claims court cases on television as if they are a soap opera. The People's Court was probably the most famous of all of these type of shows, but we have new shows, and with these new shows come all new personalities to deliver adjudication. Judge Judy is a crabby old woman that yells at anyone within earshot in her courtroom. Judge Mills Lane is a boxing referee who now also referees small claims on television. Maybe he will oversee the case in which Evander Holyfield tries to get his ear back from Mike Tyson!

For the most part people hate to be judged. As Mother Theresa said, "If you judge me, you don't have time to love me." So true, Mother, so true. So save the adjudication for Judy and Mills. Believe me, they can handle it.

Etymology--Adjudication-from the Latin adjudicare, meaning to grant or award as judge.

   Foreign Translations
Dutch:  arbitrage (de)
French:  jugement (m)
German:  richterliche Entscheidung (f)
Italian:  giudizio
Spanish:  adjudicación

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