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  1. (with the) ­Something that is worst.
None of these photographs of me is good, but this one is definitely the worst.
    1. (archaic) To make worse.
    2. (rare) To outdo or defeat, especially in battle.
      • 1942: He was a great man wholly worsted by his age. " Rebecca West, Black Lamb and Grey Falcon (Canongate 2006, p. 145)
    1. Most inferior; doing the least good.
    I think putting oil on a burn is the worst thing you can do.
    1. Most unfavorable.
    That's the news I've had all day.
    1. Most harmful or severe.
    The storm we had last winter knocked down our power lines.
    1. Most ill.
    I'm feeling really ill - the I've felt all week.
    • Dutch: slechtst, ergst
    • French: le pire , la pire
    • German: schlechtest
    • Italian: il peggiore
    • Spanish: lo peor , la peor
    1. In the worst way; most badly.
    My sore leg hurts when it's cold and rainy.
    This is the -written essay I've ever seen.
    She's the -informed of the lot.
    1. Most ill.

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