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proper noun 
  1. (context, Roman mythology) The god of volcanoes and fire, especially the forge, also the patron of all craftsmen, principally blacksmiths.
''The goddess Venus was the wife of .
  1. (astronomy, historical) A theoretical planet proposed to exist in an orbit between Mercury and the Sun in a 19th-century hypothesis.
  2. (science fiction) A fictional planet in the w:Star Trek, Star Trek universe.
  3. (science fiction) A member of the humanoid race inhabiting the fictional planet Vulcan; the race is noted for lack of emotion and adherence to logic.
  4. (science fiction) The language spoken by these humanoids.
  5. (slang) (pejorative) A person who seems to lack emotion or is overly analytical and boring.
  6. A town in southern Alberta, Canada.
    Etymology: From Latin Vulcanus of Etruscan origin, but unknown meaning. Perhaps related to Greek (polytonic, á) (pyr) "fire" and (kaiein) "to burn."

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