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proper noun 
  1. International corporation marketing data storage products.

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  1. A word-for-word report of a speech.
    1. (context, of a document) correspond, Corresponding with the original word for word.
      • Date unknown: Joint Committee on Printing Congress of the United States, General Statement of Procedure for Verbatim Reporting of Proceedings in Senate Chamber, pV
      • 1917: AndreÄ­ Ivanovich Shingarev, Russia and Her Allies: Extract from the Verbatim Report of the Imperial Duma, IV"th Session, 16"th Sitting, p3
      • 2002: Michael Quim Patton, Qualitative Research & Evaluation Methods, p381
      • : Ironically, note taking can interfere with listening attentively.
        1. (context, of a person) able, Able to take down a speech word for word, especially in shorthand.
      • U.S. Department of Labor's description of court reporter's job
      • : Some States require voice writers to pass a test and to earn State licensure. As a substitute for State licensure, the National Verbatim Reporters Association offers three national certifications to voice writers: Certified Verbatim Reporter (CVR), the Certificate of Merit (CM), and Real-Time Verbatim Reporter (RVR). Earning these certifications is sufficient to be licensed in States where the voice method of court reporting is permitted.
    • Spanish: literal(es)
      (trans-bottom) (trans-top, of a person: skilled in faithful transcription)
    1. Word for word; in exactly the same words as were used originally.
    I have copied his speech and here it is, .
      • 1971: Denis Mahon, Studies in Seicento Art and Theory, p317
      • : "in several instances Mancini"s text is virtually reproduced by Bellori.120
    • Spanish: literalmente(es)
    Etymology: Attested in English since 1481<ref name="EOD-etymdate&c.">Online Etymology Dictionary,  2001 Douglas Harper</ref> (therefore considered a derivation by some<ref name="AHD-etym">The <b>American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language</b>, Fourth Edition</ref>): from (term, verbatim, verbÄtim, , word for word, lang=la)<ref name="EOD-etymdate&c."/><ref name="AHD-etym"/><ref name="COED-etym&RPpron">The Concise Oxford English Dictionary Eleventh Edition</ref><ref name="D.C-etymsuf"> Unabridged (v 1Â1)</ref>, from (term, verbum, verb(um), , word, lang=la)<ref name="EOD-etymdate&c."/><ref name="AHD-etym"/><ref name="COED-etym&RPpron"/><ref name="D.C-etymsuf"/> + (term, -atim, -Ätim, lang=la), adverbial suffix<ref name="D.C-etymsuf"/>.

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