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  1. The act of swaying; a swaying motion; a swing or sweep of a weapon.
  2. A rocking or swinging motion.
  3. Influence, weight, or authority that inclines to one side; as, the sway of desires.
    I doubt I'll hold much with someone so powerful.
  4. Preponderance; turn or cast of balance.
  5. Rule; dominion; control.
  6. A switch or rod used by thatchers to bind their work.
    1. To move or swing from side to side; or backward and forward; to rock.
      The trees swayed in the breeze.
    2. To move or wield with the hand; to swing; to wield; as, to sway the scepter.
    3. To influence or direct by power and authority; by persuasion, or by moral force; to rule; to govern; to guide.
      Do you think you can their decision?
    4. To cause to incline or swing to one side, or backward and forward; to bias; to turn; to bend; warp; as, reeds swayed by wind
      judgment swayed by passion
    5. To hoist
      to up the yards
    6. To be drawn to one side by weight or influence; to lean; to incline.
    7. To have weight or influence.
    8. To bear sway; to rule; to govern.
      Etymology: Akin with sveigja.

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