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  1. Any domestic animal that has an inclosure, or its proper place and company, and wanders at large, or is lost; an estray. Used also figuratively.
  2. The act of wandering or going astray.
  3. historical An area of common land or place administered for the use of general domestic animals, i.e. "The Stray"
    1. To wander, as from a direct course; to deviate, or go out of the way.
    2. To wander from company, or from the proper limits; to rove at large; to roam; to go astray.
    3. Figuratively, to wander from the path of duty or rectitude; to err.
      1. To cause to stray.
      2. Having gone astray; strayed; wandering; as, a stray horse or sheep.
        Etymology: Middle English in origin, from the Anglo-Norman and Old French verb estrayer, and the Anglo-Norman noun and adjective (astrey, a)strey, both from the Old French estraié.

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