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  1. A bump left on the skin after having been stung.
  2. A bite by an insect.
  3. A sharp, localised pain primarily on the epidermis
  4. A police operation in which the police pretend to be criminals in order to catch a criminal.
  5. A short percussive phrase played by a drummer to accent the punchline in a comedy show.
  6. A brief sequence of music used in films & TV as a form of punctuation in a dramatic or comedic scene.
  • French: piqí»re
  • German: verdeckte Operation
verb (stings, stinging, stang or stung, stung)
  1. To hurt, usually by introducing poison or a sharp point.
Right so came out an adder of a little heathbush, and it stung a knight in the foot.
Still, it stung when a slightly older acquaintance asked me why I couldn't do any better.
  1. Of an insect, to bite.

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