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  1. Any of the rodents of the family Sciuridae distinguished by their large bushy tail.
  • Dutch: eekhoorn , eekhoorntje
  • French: écureuil
  • German: Eichhí¶rnchen , Hí¶rnchen
  • Italian: scoiattolo
  • Spanish: ardilla
verb (squirrel, l, ing)
  1. with "away": To hoard in a hidden place, by analogy to squirrels' habit of hoarding nuts.
  2. with "around": To move or search erratically, esp. as if hurried or confused.
My mother warned me not to squirrel around in my dad's workshop.
    Etymology: From esquirel, from escurel (modern (term, écureuil, lang=fr)), from scuriolus, diminutive of scurius, variant of (term, sciurus, lang=lat), from Ancient Greek (term, , lang=grc, sc=polytonic, tr=skíouros) < (term, , , shade, shadow, lang=grc, sc=polytonic, tr=skií) + (term, á, , tail, lang=grc, sc=polytonic, tr=ourí).

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