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  1. (obsolete) Prussia.
Etymology: Alteration of Pruce.

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  1. Any of various large coniferous evergreen trees from the genus Picea, found in northern temperate and boreal regions; originally and more fully spruce fir.
  2. The wood of a spruce.
  • Dutch: spar , sparrenhout
  • French: épicéa (italbrac, France), épinette (italbrac, Quebec)
  • German: Fichte
  • Italian: abete rosso
  • Spanish: picea
    (trans-bottom) (trans-top, wood of a spruce)
  1. (usually with up) to arrange neatly; tidy up
  2. (usually with up) to make oneself spruce (neat and elegant in appearance)
adjective (spruc, er)
  1. (notcomp) Made of the wood from a spruce.
  2. (comparable) smart, Smart, trim, and elegant in appearance; fastidious (said of a person).
    Etymology: From an alteration of Pruce ("w:Prussia, Prussia"); Spruce, spruse (1412), and Sprws (1378) were generic terms for commodities brought to England by w:Hanseatic League, Hanseatic merchants (beer, wood, leather). The tree with this name was also believed to have been native to Prussia. The adjective and verb senses ("trim, neat" and "to make trim, neat") are attested from 1594, and originate with spruce leather (1466), which was used to make a popular style of jerkins in the 1400s that was considered smart-looking.

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