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proper noun 
  1. A term of address, generally applied to males, possibly including strangers, implying that the person addressed is slick in the sense of "sophisticated", but often used sarcastically.
That was a great move locking your keys in the car, Slick.
Don't you look good tonight, Slick!

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  1. A covering of liquid, particularly oil.
Careful in turn three " there's an oil on the road.
The oil slick has now spread to cover the entire bay, critically endangering the sea life.
  1. A tire with a smooth surface instead of a tread pattern, often used in auto racing.
You'll go much faster if you put on slicks.
    1. slippery, Slippery due to a covering of liquid; often used to describe appearances.
    This rain is making the roads .
    The top coating of lacquer gives this finish a look.
    1. Appearing expensive or sophisticated.
    They read all kinds of magazines.
    1. Superficially convincing but actually untrustworthy.
    That new sales rep is . Be sure to read the fine print before you buy anything.
    1. Clever, making an apparently hard task easy; often used sarcastically.
    Our new process for extracting needles from haystacks is extremely .
    That was a move, locking your keys in the car.
    1. (west coast slang) Extraordinarily great or special.
      That is one bicycle, it has all sorts of features!

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