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  1. A shallow portion of an otherwise deep body of water.
The ship ran aground in an unexpected shallow.
    1. Concave upward and significantly less deep than wide
    This crater is relatively
    Saute the onions in a pan
    1. Extending not far downward
    The water is here
    1. Concerned mainly with superficial matters
    It was a glamorous but lifestyle
    1. Lacking interest or substance.
    The acting is good, but the characters are '
    • Dutch: ondiep (1, 2), oppervlakkig (3, 4)
    • French: peu profond (1, 2); superficiel (3)
    • German: seicht, flach
    • Spanish: poco profundo (1, 2); superficial (3,4)
    Etymology: schalowe, sceald

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