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  1. A possible, usually negative, outcome, e.g., a danger.
    • 2006, BBC News website, Farmers warned over skin cancer read at on 14 May 2006 " There was also a "degree of complacency" that the weather in the country was not good enough to present a health .
      1. The likelihood of a negative outcome.
    • 2006, Trever Ramsey on BBC News website, Exercise 'cuts skin cancer ' read at on 14 May 2006 " Taking regular exercise, coupled with a healthy diet, reduced the of several types of cancer.
      1. (italbrac, Formal use in business, engineering, etc.) The potential (conventionally negative) impact of an event, determined by combining the likelihood of the event occurring with the impact should it occur.
    • c2002: Decisioneering Inc website, What is ? read at on 14 May 2006 " If there is a 25% chance of running over schedule, costing you a $100 out of your own pocket, that might be a you are willing to take. But if you have a 5% chance of running overschedule, knowing that there is a $10,000 penalty, you might be less willing to take that .
    verb (risks, risking, risked)
    1. (transitive) To incur risk to something.

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