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  1. The act of stretching or extending; extension; power of reaching or touching with the person, or a limb, or something held or thrown.
The fruit is beyond my reach.
to be within reach of cannon shot
  1. The power of stretching out or extending action, influence, or the like; power of attainment or management; extent of force or capacity.
  2. Extent; stretch; expanse; hence, application; influence; result; scope.
  3. (informal) An exaggeration; an extension beyond evidence or normal; a stretch.
To call George eloquent is certainly a .
  1. (boxing) The distance a boxer's arm can extend to land a blow.
  2. An extended portion of land or water; a stretch; a straight portion of a stream or river, as from one turn to another; a level stretch, as between locks in a canal; an arm of the sea extending up into the land.
  3. (nautical) Any point of sail in which the wind comes from the side of a vessel.
  • Spanish: alcance, influencia
    (trans-bottom) (webster)
verb (reach, es)
  1. To extend; to stretch; to thrust out; to put forth, as a limb, a member, something held, or the like.
  2. Hence, to deliver by stretching out a member, especially the hand; to give with the hand; to pass to another; to hand over; as, to reach one a book.
  3. To attain or obtain by stretching forth the hand; too extend some part of the body, or something held by one, so as to touch, strike, grasp, or the like; as, to reach an object with the hand, or with a spear.
  4. To strike, hit, or tough with a missile; as, to reach an object with an arrow, a bullet, or a shell.
  5. Hence, to extend an action, effort, or influence to; to penetrate to; to pierce, or cut, as far as.
  6. To extend to; to stretch out as far as; to touch by virtue of extent; as, his hand reaches the river.
  7. To arrive at by effort of any kind; to attain to; to gain; to be advanced to.
  8. To understand; to comprehend.
  9. To stretch out the hand.
  10. To strain after something; to make efforts.
  11. To extend in dimension, time, amount, action, influence, etc., so as to touch, attain to, or be equal to, something.
    Etymology: Old English ríÄan

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