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noun (plural: props)
  1. An item placed on a stage to create a scene or scenario in which actors perform a play in a theatre or motion picture. Usually the term "props" is reserved for objects with which an actor interacts (e.g. a glass, a book or a weapon). Larger items adding to the scene, (e.g. chairs) are considered part of the set.
They used the trophy as a in the movie.
  1. An object placed against or under another, to support it; anything that supports.
They stuck a block of wood under it as a .
  1. (rugby): The player who is next to the hooker in a scrum.
  2. The propeller of an aircraft.
  • French: pillier
    (trans-bottom) (trans-top, The propeller of an aircraft)
verb (prop, p, ed)
  1. (transitive) To support or shore up something.
Try using a phone book to up the table where the foot is missing.

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