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  1. (grammar) said of a language, characterized by a prevalence of relatively long words containing a large number of morphemes. Typically, the morphemes are bound (i.e., they cannot stand alone as independent words). An example of a polysynthetic language is Ojibwe, where:
  • baataanitaaanishinaabemong = "being able to speak Ojibwe."
  • ngiinitaaozhibii'amaadimin = "we used to write to each other."
  • Translations: 
    • Dutch: polysynthetisch
    • French: polysynthétique
    • German: polysynthetisch
    • Italian: polisintetico
      • Norwegian: polysyntetisk
      • Spanish: polisintético
      Etymology: The Greek prefix poly- + synthetic < Latin synthesis (collection, set, composition) < Greek (composition) < (to put together, combine) < - (together) + (to put, place) < Proto-Indo-European base
      • dhe- (to put, to do).

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