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initialism (plural PCs for countable noun senses)
  1. (US Navy) w:Coastal Patrol, Coastal Patrol
  2. partially continuous
  3. w:Penn Central, Penn Central
  4. personal computer
    1. photocopy
  5. w:Phrozen Crew, Phrozen Crew
  6. (UK politics) w:Plaid Cymru, Plaid Cymru
  7. player character
  8. (UK, Canada) police constable
  9. politically correct
  10. political correctness
  11. polycarbonate
  12. posterior commissure
  13. w:Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Church
  14. Privy Council
  15. privy councillor
  16. probable cause
  17. Probate Court
  18. pro-choice
  19. (TV) production code
  20. Professional Corporation
  21. (Canada) w:Progressive Canadian Party, Progressive Canadian Party
  22. (Canada, formerly) w:Progressive Conservative, Progressive Conservative
  23. progressive contextualization
  24. Proto-Celtic
  25. pubococcygeus muscle

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  • postcard
  • (also p.c.) percent
  • parsec

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