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noun plural and, nonstandardly, singular
  1. (plural of, paparazzo, nodot=1); freelance photographers who sell photographs of celebrities to the media, especially ones who pursue celebrities and attempt to obtain candid photographs.
    • 1985, Francis King, One Is a Wanderer: Selected Stories, Hutchinson, ISBN 0091620805, page 312,
    • :A number of had gate-crashed, as had a famous tennis-player and a couple of pop-singers.
    • 2004, Noel Botham, The Murder of Princess Diana, Pinnacle Books, ISBN 0-7860-0700-1, page 168,
    • :A number of were there to take pictures, clearly having received a further tip-off about the party"s movements.
    • 2007, Stanley Hart, "Oh, Brother", in Two Novellas, AuthorHouse?, ISBN 1425987087, page 99,
    • :"Do you know how many stalk those midtown hotels? …"
      1. Used as a Appendix:Glossary
      2. plurale tantum, plurale tantum.
    • 1978, Stephen Birmingham, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, Grossett & Dunlap, ISBN 0448143062, page 184,
    • :The publicity that would ensue from a court battle with someone of Galella"s ilk would only be bad and would convey to Galella a degree of status and importance that this member of the didn"t deserve.
    • 2005 April, Kathleen O'Reilly, The Diva"s Guide to Selling Your Soul, Simon and Schuster, ISBN 1416516565, page 36,
    • :He manages to snag you just when a member of the is skulking by, …
    • 2007, Chris Rojek, Cultural Studies, Polity, ISBN 0745636837, page 55,
    • :The member of the is a Weegee-like figure played by Joe Pesci in the film The Public Eye (1992).
      1. (nonstandard) A paparazzo.
    • 1997, Eeva Joniken and Soile Veijola, "The Disoriented Tourist: The Figuration of the Tourist in Contemporary Cultural Critique", in Chris Rojek and John Urry (eds.), Touring Cultures: Transformations of Travel and Theory, Routledge, 0-415-11125-0, page 46,
    • :The job of a is, roughly, to "reveal the truth" about the rich and the famous.
    • 2000, David Naccache and Michael Tunstall, "How to Explain Side-Channel Leakage to Your Kids", in í�etin K. Koí§ and Christof Paar (eds.), Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems " CHES 2000 (proceedings), Springer, ISBN 3-540-41455-X, page 229,
    • : A is investigating the lives of a Royal couple.
    • 2005, Jude Idada, "Ouch!", in A Box of Chocolates, Trafford Publishing, ISBN 1412020268, page 221,
    • :What if someone I know sees me? Or what if a is lurking somewhere?
      1. (context, nonstandard, uncountable) Paparazzi taken as a group.
    • 1989, Carol Muske-Dukes, Dear Digby, Viking, ISBN 0670825069, page 148,
    • :"Tell Page that PAPARAZZI is here, in my apartment. And then tell her that their offices are right across from us …"
    • 2001, Geert Lovink, "The Rise and Fall of Dotcom Mania", in Dark Fiber: Tracking Critical Internet Culture, MIT Press (2002), ISBN 0262621800, page 354,
    • :Rather, the business is armoring itself for a backlash campaign against the entrepreneurial big mouths.
    • 2006, Kisha Green, And Even If I Did, iUniverse, ISBN 0595390137, page vi,
    • :Nelishia—You are a special lady with an enormous heart with skills that are off the chains!!! You go girl!!! A definite multi-tasking Diva!! Get your Chanel shades is lurking…lol
Etymology: From paparazziItalian, paparazzi, plural of paparazzoItalian, paparazzo.

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