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  1. of or relating to pandeism
2007 Bernardo Kastrup, Intriguing Metaphysical Parallels between the Consciousness Debate and Pandeism:
  • The seriousness or validity of Pandeistic views aside, I can"t help but find it intellectually intriguing that, under the parallels above, every side of the heated and long-lasting argument around the "hard problem of consciousness", and around the feasibility of artificial consciousness, seems to be simultaneously correct.
w:Dan Schneider, Dan Schneider, Review of w:Stranger In A Strange Land, Stranger In A Strange Land (The Uncut Version), by w:Robert A. Heinlein, Robert A. Heinlein:
  • Jubal... honestly believes in his own free will, which Mike, Jill, and the Fosterites misinterpret as a urge, "Thou art God!"
  • 1997 Bob Burridge, Theology Proper - Lesson 4: The Decrees of God:
    Calling God the author of sin demands a understanding of the universe effectively removing the reality of sin and moral law.
    • French: pandéistique
    • German: pandeistich
    • Spanish: pandeí­sta
    Etymology: From (pín) "all", deus, "god", and -ic.

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