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  1. one who believes in pandeism, a blend of pantheism and deism
1975: w:American Jewish Congress, American Jewish Congress, Judaism: A Quarterly Journal of Jewish Life and Thought p. 41:
  • Is Gordon a pan-deist, or a monotheist?
  • 2d4d548e5119ce86 Why Can God Be An Evolutionist:
  • I was analyzing the psychology of the "External Creator" as an allegory. I'm beginning to believe I'm a pan-deist.
    1. (rare) one who believes in the truth of all religions
  • adjective 
    1. of or relating to pandeism
      • 2003: Paul La Porte, Social Work and Other Experiences in India:
      • :Indeed, most of the staff is either Hindu or Moslem, but they are full of these pan-deist ideas, and even Zahir deliberately used the Christian word "God" rather than "Allah" when talking with me.
    • German: Pandeist
    • Spanish: pandeí­sta
    Etymology: From (pín) "all" and deus, "god".

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