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  1. A wooden stake.
  2. (archaic) A fence, especially one made from wooden stakes.
  3. (archaic) A territory or defensive area that one nation holds in another country, e.g., Britain"s medieval control of Calais in France or Dublin in Ireland.
  4. (archaic) The jurisdiction (territorial or otherwise) of an authority.
  5. The bounds of morality, good behaviour or judgment in civilized company, in the phrase beyond the pale.
  6. In heraldry, a vertical band down the middle of a shield.
    verb (pal, ing)
    1. To become pale. To become insignificant.
    2006 New York Times Its financing pales next to the tens of billions that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will have at its disposal, ...
    • German: blass werden
    • Spanish: palidecer
    adjective (pal, e)
    1. light in color.
    • Dutch: bleek
    • French: pí¢le, hí¢ve
    • German: hell, blass
    • Italian: pallido
    • Spanish: pí¡lido(es)

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