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  1. (cricket) A set of 6 balls bowled
  • Dutch: over
    1. Dutch, over
    2. French: sur
    3. German: í¼ber
    4. Italian: sopra
    5. Spanish: sobre
  1. finished; ended or concluded
The show is .
  1. Through with; emotionally detatched.
He is finally his ex-girlfriend.
  1. (as a prefix): to excess.
He is over-zealous...
The latest policy was over-conservative...
  • French: super, hyper
  • Italian: sopra
  • Spanish: super
  1. again, Again; another time; once more
I lost my paper and I had to do the entire assignment .
    Etymology: ofer; akin to Dutch over, German íber, OHG ubir, ubar, Danish over, Swedish íver, Icelandic yfir, Gothic (ufar), Latin super, Greek (íper), Sanskrit àààà (upari).

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