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  1. Of, resembling, relating to, or consisting of a name or names.
  2. Assigned to or bearing a person's name.
  3. Existing in name only.
  4. (philosophy) Of or relating to nominalism.
  5. Insignificantly small; trifling.
a sum
  1. Of or relating to the presumed or approximate value, rather than the actual value.
The voltage is 1.5 V, but the actual figure is usually higher.
  1. (context, business) Of, relating to, or being the amount or face value of a sum of money or a stock certificate, for example, and not the purchasing power or market value.
  2. (context, business) Of, relating to, or being the rate of interest or return without adjustment for compounding or inflation.
  3. (grammar) Of or relating to a noun or word group that functions as a noun.
a phrase
  1. (context, engineering) According to plan or design.
a flight check
  1. (economics) Without adjustment to remove the effects of inflation; contrasted with real.
nominal wage
nominal GNP
  1. (statistics) Of a variable: having values whose order is insignificant.
    Etymology: From the nominalle "of nouns" < nominalis, nÅminÄlis "of names" < nomen, nÅmen "name".

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