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proper noun 
  1. An English surname, a rare spelling of Marshall.
  2. (given name, male) derived from the surname, usually spelled Marshall.
Etymology: as for marshal

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  1. A high-ranking officer in the household of a medieval prince or lord, who was originally in charge of the cavalry and later the military forces in general.
  2. A military officer of the highest rank in several countries, including France and the former Soviet Union; equivalent to a general of the army in the United States. See also field marshal.
  3. A person in charge of the ceremonial arrangement and management of a gathering.
  4. A sheriff's assistant.
  5. The highest ranking piece in the board game Stratego.
  • French: marshal (the english word)
  • Spanish: mariscal
  • German: Feldmarschall
verb (marshall, ing)
  1. to arrange troops etc. in line for inspection or a parade
  2. (be extension) to arrange facts etc in some methodical order
  3. to ceremoniously guide, conduct or usher
  4. to gather data for transmission
    Etymology: Old French mareschal (stable officer, see mare) < from Frankish
    • marhskalk (horse-servant) < Proto-Germanic
    • markhaz (horse), possibly from a Gaulish word of unknown origin, + Proto-Germanic
    • skalkaz (servant).

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