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  1. regular delivery of letters and small parcels, see also post
  2. the organisation which operates such service (e.g. in Britain the Royal Mail)
  3. the letters and parcels delivered by such service
  4. abbreviated from "electronic mail", a store and forward message service on a computer, often using the Internet
  5. armour consisting of metal rings or plates linked together.
    1. (transitive) to send (a letter or parcel) through the mail
      1. made of armoured material (a mail shirt)
      2. of or pertaining to mail/post
        Etymology: Postal mail: Middle English male "bag, mail", from Old French male, from a Germanic source, from Proto-Indo-European
        • molko- "leather pouch".Mail armor: Middle English maille "mail armor", from Old French maille, from Latin macula "blemish, mesh", probably from Proto-Indo-European
        • smHâ-tleHâ, from
        • smeHâ- "smear, rub".

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