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  1. The loose part of a coat; the lower part of a garment that plays loosely; a skirt; an apron.
  2. An edge; a border; a hem, as of cloth.
  3. The part of the clothing that lies on the knees or thighs when one sits down; that part of the person thus covered; figuratively, a place of rearing and fostering; as, to be reared in the lap of luxury.
  4. The upper legs of a seated person.
The boy was sitting on his mother's
  1. (italbrac, archaic (17th century)), (euphemistic) The female pudenda.
    verb (lap, p, ed)
    1. (transitive) To place or lay (something) so as to overlap another.
    One laps roof tiles so that water can run off.
    1. (transitive) To polish, e.g., a surface, until smooth.
    2. (intransitive) To lie partly on or over something; to overlap.
    3. (transitive) To overtake a straggler in a race by completing one more lap than them.

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