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  1. (colour) the blood red colour of raw flesh.
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    1. (colour) red in general
    verb (incarnadin, ing)
    1. to cause to be the blood-red colour of raw flesh
    • The multitudinous seas incarnadine ... - Macbeth, Shakespeare.
      1. to cause to be red or crimson
    1. of the blood red colour of raw flesh.
    2. of a general red colour
    • 1992: "Basically I am a very good person." This from the latest serial killer " destined for the chair, they say " who, with axe, recently dispatched half a dozen registered nurses in Texas. " Donna Tartt, The Secret History
  • 1955: 'The chaplain glanced at the bridge table that served as his desk and saw only the abomanible orange-red, pear-shaped, plum tomato he had obtained that same morning from Colonel Cathcart, still lying on its side where he had forgotten it like an indestructible and symbol of his own ineptitude.' - Joseph Heller, Catch-22
  • Etymology: French incarnadine, from Italian incarnadino, a varient of incarnatino "carnation, flesh-colour", from incarnato "incarnate", from Latin incarnari "be made flesh", from in- + caro "flesh".

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