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  1. (archaic) A holy person; a saint.
    • All Hallows Eve (or Halloween), the night before All Hallows Day (now more commonly known as "All Saints Day").
  • Dutch: heiligen
  • German: heiligen
  • Italian: santo
  • Spanish: santo
    (trans-bottom) =
  1. (transitive) To make holy, to sanctify.
    • 1847: Come the goblet with something more true<br>Than words we forget in a minute. " (cite book, title=Dramatic Chapters: Poems and Songs, author=Charles Swain, pages=324, date=1847, publisher=D. Bogue)
  • Dutch: heiligen
  • French: sanctifier
  • German: heiligen
  • Italian: santificare
  • Spanish: santificar
  1. alternative spelling of hollow
  • 1902:"If the sun were a sphere of its present size and the earth were placed at the center, the moon could .... Such a sphere would hold more than a million balls the size of the earth." &mdash; (cite book, title=The Journal of Geography, author=National Council of Geography Teachers (U.S.), date=1902, publisher=National Council for Geographic Education, pages=93)
  • 2003:"But it was not a victory." &mdash; (cite book, title=To a Different Drummer: A Family's Story, author=George A. Lyall, pages=208, date=2003, publisher=Xlibris Corporation, id=ISBN 1401072860) --!>

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