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  1. in classical legends, a bird said to nest on the sea and to calm the waters to make this possible.
    • undated " w:John Dryden, John Dryden, (source?)
    • :Amidst our arms as quiet you shall be As halcyons brooding on a winter sea.
      1. (poetic) a kingfisher
    • c.1880 " w:Ambrose Bierce, Ambrose Bierce, s:On a Mountain, On a Mountain
    • :And, by the way, during those halcyon days (the was there, too, chattering above every creek, as he is all over the world) we fought another battle.
    • (zoology) A tropical kingfisher of the genus Halcyon, such as the sacred kingfisher Halcyon sancta of Australia.
  • Spanish: alcedón
  1. Pertaining to the halcyon or kingfisher
  2. calm, Calm, undisturbed, peaceful, serene.
    Etymology: From Latin, halcyon, alcyonLatin, alcyon < Ancient Greek (polytonic, á) (alkuÅn)

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