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  1. (idiom) To do something bad or illegal and not be punished.
  • 1984:"He'd spoil the boy just as we have all spoiled him, and though he's a big strapping fellow and a soldier at that, he'd let Ned just as I've done." — (cite book, pages=147, title=On Glory's Course, author=James Purdy, date=1984, publisher=Viking Press, id=ISBN 0670524514)
  • 2000:"It's because you let people , Quill." — (cite book, title=Marinade for Murder, author=Claudia Bishop, date=2000, publisher=Berkley, id=ISBN 0425176118)
  • 1980:"Just yesterday it was fashionable to be black. Remember? Any black writer could , just as any Jewish-American writer can ." — (cite book, title=Views from a Window: Conversations with Gore Vidal, author=Gore Vidal and Robert J. Stanton, date=1980, publisher=L. Stuart, id=ISBN 0818403020, pages=245)
  • 2005:"He said I found out about everything he did and said, 'I can't get away with nothing, and Jim can .' I don't think that I let any of my kids , and I don't think any one of them ever did much serious mischief." — (cite book, title=I Have Been Blessed!: Hard Work and Happiness, author=James M. Hill, Sr., date=2005, publisher=Aforesight Press, id=ISBN 0977485994, pages=205)

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