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proper noun 
  1. A surname.
  2. (given name, male), modern transferred use of the surname.
Etymology: An occupational surname from Middle English gage, gauge "measure" for an assayer, or gage "pledge" for a moneylender.

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  1. Something, such as a glove or other pledge thrown down as a challenge to combat.
  • 1819, "But it is enough that I challenge the trial by combat " there lies my ." She took her embroidered glove from her hand, and flung it down before the Grand Master with an air of mingled simplicity and dignity " Walter Scott, Ivanhoe
    1. (alternative spelling of, gauge) Used especially as a atechnical term of measuring devices and standard measures.
    2. A short form of greengage.
    3. (obsolete) Something valuable deposited as a guarantee or pledge; security, ransom.
    verb (gag, ing)
    1. (alternative spelling of, gauge) To measure.
    2. (obsolete) To give or deposit as a pledge or security; to pawn
    3. (archaic) To wager, to bet.
    Translations: (trans-top, to measure)
    See: gauge
    (trans-bottom) Etymology: From Old (and modern) French gagerFrench, gager (verb), French, gage (noun), from Frankish
    • waddi, from Germanic ( > English wed).

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