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  1. (countable) A mistake.
  2. (mathematics) The difference between a measured or calculated value and a true one.
  3. (baseball, countable) A play which is scored as having been made incorrectly.
  4. (context, appellate, _, law, uncountable) One or more mistakes in a trial that could be grounds for review of the judgement.
    1. (non-standard) To make a mistake; to result in an error.
      • 1993 December, Arie Kaufman (editor), Rendering, Visualization, and Rasterization Hardware, Springer-Verlag New York LLC
      • :Pixels which are mathematically outside of a triangle, but which are included for anti-aliasing purposes can be generated with colour and depth information outside of the valid range. The ADE should identify these cases and clamp the output to the minimum or maximum value depending on the direction it has errored in.
      • 2000 December, Randy W. Kamphaus, Clinical Assessment of Child And Adolescent Intelligence, Allyn & Bacon
      • :By doing so examiners are erroring in the direction of drawing hypotheses based on greater evidence of reliability and validity.
      • 2001 November, Daniel D. Dancer, Shards and Circles: Artistic Adventures in Spirit and Ecology, Trafford Publishing
      • :Error is not just permitted by diversity; it is what permits diversity.... The beetle had "errored" beautifully
      • 2002 May, Sylvain Beauregard, Passion Celine Dion the Book: The Ultimate Guide for the Fan!, Trafford Publishing
      • :Many other celebrities errored in the political comments area...
    Translations: (trans-top, (nonstandard) To make a mistake; to result in an error)
    See: err
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