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  1. (context, uncountable) The result of having been being worn away or eroded, as by a glacier on rock or the sea on a cliff face
  2. (context, uncountable) The changing of a surface by mechanical action, friction, thermal expansion or contraction, or impact.
  3. (context, uncountable) Destruction by abrasive action of fluids.
  4. (mathematics, image processing) One of two fundamental operations in w:morphological image processing, morphological image processing from which all other morphological operations are derived.
  5. (dentistry) Loss of tooth enamel due to non-bacteriogenic chemical processes.
  6. (medicine) A shallow ulceration or lesion, usually involving skin or epithelial tissue.
    Etymology: From erosio, "eating away", derived from erodere, possibly via erosionem and Middle French erosion. The first known occurrence in English was in the 1541 translation by w:Robert Copland, Robert Copland of w:Guy de Chauliac, Guy de Chauliac's medical text w:The Questyonary of Cyrurygens, The Questyonary of Cyrurygens. Copland used erosion to describe how ulcers developed in the mouth. By 1774 'erosion' was used outside medical subjects. w:Oliver Goldsmith, Oliver Goldsmith employed the term in the more contemporary geological context, in his book Natural History, with the quote:"Bounds are thus put to the of the earth by water."

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