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noun (econom, ies)
  1. Effective management of the resources of a community or system.
  2. The collective focus of the study of money, currency and trade.
  3. Frugal use of resources.
  4. The overall measure of a currency system; as the national economy.
  5. (theology) The method of divine government of the world.
  • Dutch: economie
  • French: économie
  • German: Wirtschaft , íľkonomie
  • Italian: economia
  • Spanish: economí­a
  1. cheap; using minimal resources.
"He bought an car."
    Etymology: Household management, from oeconomia, from w:Greek language, Greek oikonomia household management from oikonomos manager, steward, from oikos house (cognate with Latin vicus district, vicinus near; w:Old English, Old English wic dwelling, village; see villa) + nomos managing from nemein manage (see numismatics). The sense of manage the resources of a country (short for political economy) is from 1651. Hence, economic (1835) means related to the science of economics, while economical (1780) retains the sense characterized by thrift.

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