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  1. (transitive) To render dull; to remove or blunt an edge or something that was sharp.
Years of misuse have dulled the tools.
  1. (transitive) To soften, moderate or blunt.
He drinks to the pain.
  1. (intransitive) To lose a sharp edge; to become dull.
A razor will with use.
    1. Lacking the ability to cut easily; not sharp.
    All these knives are .
    1. Boring; not exciting or interesting.
    He sat through the lecture and barely stayed awake.
    When does having a personality ever get you a girlfriend? Even if you get one, how does being help you keep a relationship for over a year?
    1. Not shiny; having a matte finish or no particular luster.
    Choose a dull finish to hide fingerprints.
    1. Not bright or intelligent.
    • Dutch: dom
    • French: sot
    • German: dumm, dumpf
    • Spanish: obtuso

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