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  1. (symptom) (uncountable) pus or exudate (other than blood) from a wound or orifice, usually due to infection or pathology
  2. the act of accomplishing (an obligation)
  3. the act of expelling or letting go
  4. (electricity) the act of releasing an accumulated charge
  5. (medicine) the act of releasing an inpatient from hospital
  6. (military) the act of releasing a member of the armed forces from service
  7. (hydrology) the discharge of a river is the volume of water transported by it in a certain amount of time, usually in units of m3/s (cubic meters per second)
verb (discharg, ing)
  1. to accomplish or complete, as an obligation
  2. to expel or let go
  3. (electricity) to release (an accumulated charge)
  4. (medicine) to release (an inpatient) from hospital
  5. (military) to release (a member of the armed forces) from service
  6. to operate (any weapon that fires a projectile, such as a shotgun or sling)

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