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  1. (surfing) damage on a surfboard, usually in the form of a dent.
As a kid, I always broke off a chunk of wax and jammed it into a fresh ding in hopes of saving the foam from water invasion, but days later I found myself picking out waxy bits from a brown-stained nightmare. — Jay DiMartino?
  1. very minor damaged caused in a traffic accident.
    1. to hit or strike
    2. (surfing) to damage a surfboard, especially by denting it.
    If you surf regularly, then you're going to ding your board. — BBC surfing Wales
    1. To mishit a golf ball
    2. (colloquial) To deduct, as points.
    My bank dinged me three bucks for using their competitor's ATM.
    1. To back out of a task in a shameful manner
    He was supposed to go but he dinged out on me.

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