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  1. A moderate but penetrating sense of cold.
There was a in the air.
  1. A sudden numbing fear or dread.
Despite the heat, he felt a as he entered the crimescene.
    1. (transitive) To lower the temperature of something; to cool.
    Chill before serving.
    1. (context, transitive, metallurgy) To harden a metal surface by sudden cooling.
    2. (intransitive) To become cold.
    In the wind he chilled quickly.
    1. (context, intransitive, metallurgy) To become hard by rapid cooling.
    2. (intransitive) To relax, lay back.
    Chill, man, we've got a whole week to do it; no sense in getting worked up.
    1. (intransitive) To smoke marijuana.
    On Friday night do you wanna chill?
    • Italian: calmarsi, rilassarsi
    1. Moderately cold or chilly.
    A wind was blowing down the street.
    1. (slang) calm, Calm, relaxed.
    I'm pretty most of the time.
      Etymology: Äele.

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