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  1. An act of capturing.
  2. Something that has been captured; a captive.
  • Spanish: captura}} {{f(es)
verb (captures, capturing, captured)
  1. To take control of.
  2. To remove or take control of from the opponent in a game (e.g., chess, go, checkers)
    • He captured his opponent"s queen on the 15th move.
      1. To store (as in sounds or image) for later revisitation
    • She captured the sounds of a subway station on tape.
    • She captured the details of the fresco in a series of photographs.
      1. To reproduce convincingly.
    • His film adaptation captured the spirit of the original work.
    • In her latest masterpiece, she captured the essence of Venice.
      1. (intransitive) To remove or take control of an opponent"s piece in a game (e.g., chess, go, checkers.)
      My pawn was captured.
    Etymology: From French, capture (noun).

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