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noun (plural binaries)
  1. (context, mathematics, computing) (uncountable) The base-2 number system, which uses only the digits 0 and 1.
  2. (computing) An executable computer file.
  3. (astronomy) A star system consisting of only two stars.
    adjective (not comparable)
    1. Being in a state of one of two mutually exclusive conditions, such as on or off, true or false, 6 or not 6, or the presence or absence of an electrical pulse.
    Binary states are often abstracted as 1 and 0 in computer science.
    1. Concerning logic whose subject matter concerns binary states.
    2. (context, arithmetic, computing) Concerning numbers and mathematical calculations using the binary number system.
    3. Having two equally important parts.
    binary star
    binary poison
    1. Related to something with two parts.
    A distribution is a statistical distribution with only two categories.
    1. (computing): Refers to data consisting of arbitrary values, as opposed to that which can be interpreted as plain or ASCII text.
    He downloaded the distribution for Linux, then burned it to DVD.
    • French: binaire
    • Dutch: tweevoudig, tweevoudige
    • Italian: binario , binaria

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