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  1. The quantity of bread or other baked goods baked at one time.
We made a of cookies to take to the party.
  1. A quantity of anything produced at one operation.
We poured a bucket of water in top, and the ice maker spit out a of icecubes at the bottom.
  1. A group or collection of things of the same kind, such as a batch of letters or the next batch of business.
    • A new of Lords. --Lady M. W. Montagu.
      1. (computing) A set of data to be processed with one execute, execution of a program.
      The system throttled itself to batches of 50 requests at a time to keep the thread count under control.
    verb (batches, batching, batched)
    1. To aggregate things together into a batch.
    The contractor batched the purchase orders for the entire month into one statement.
    1. (computing) To batch process a set of input data or requests.
    The purchase requests for the day were stored in a queue and batched for printing the next morning.
    1. Of a process, operating for a defined set of conditions, and then halting.
    ''The plant had two assembly lines for packaging, as well as a continuous feed production line.
    Etymology: Old English bache, bacche, from Anglo Saxon bacan to bake; see also German geb"ack and Dutch baksel.

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