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proper noun 
  1. The eighth month of the Gregorian calendar, following July and preceding September. Abbreviation: Aug or Aug.
  2. (given name, male) derived from the Roman name.
  3. (given name, female) of modern usage, derived from the month.
  • Dutch: augustus(nl)
  • French: aoí»t(fr)m
  • German: Ernting(de, August, m, {{t, de)m
  • Italian: agosto(it)m
  • Spanish: agosto(es)m
Etymology: Early August(us), re-Latinized from Agustus, from Late Latin Agustus, from AugustusLatin?, Augustus, the month of Augustus Caesar, literally "Venerable Caesar", possibly from either Old Latin
  • augos, increase, from Proto-Indo-European base
  • aug-, to increase; or Latin avis, bird, referring to divination by observing bird flights, singing, feeding or entrails, from Proto-Indo-European
  • awi-, bird; + Latin garrire, to chatter, from Proto-Indo-European base
  • gar-/
  • ger-, to cry, of imitative origin

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august Tweet Definition of august Like Definition of august on Facebook
  1. noble, Noble, venerable, majestic, awe-inspiring, often of the highest social class (sometimes used ironically).
an patron of the arts
  1. Of noble birth.
    Etymology: From augustus 'majestic, venerable'

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