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  1. An attempt to cause damage or injury to, or to somehow detract from the worth or credibility of, a person, position, idea, object, or thing, by physical, verbal, emotional, or other assault.
  2. A time in which one attacks. The offence of a battle.
  3. (cricket) Collectively, the bowlers of a cricket side.
  4. (volleyball) Any contact with the ball other than a serve or block which sends the ball across the plane of the net.
  5. (medicine) The sudden onset of a disease.
  6. (italbrac, audio) The amount of time it takes for the volume of an audio signal to go from zero to maximum level (e.g. an audio waveform representing a snare drum hit would feature a very fast attack, whereas that of a wave washing to shore would feature a slow attack).
  • Dutch: aanval(nl)m
  • French: attaque(fr)f
  • German: Angriff(de)m
  • Italian: attacco(it)m
  • Spanish: ataque(es)m
  1. (transitive) To apply violent force to someone or something.
  2. (transitive) To aggressively challenge a person, idea, etc., with words
  3. (context, transitive, cricket) To aim balls at the batsman's wicket.
  4. (context, intransitive, cricket) To set a field, or bowl in a manner designed to get wickets.
  5. (context, intransitive, cricket) To bat aggressively, so as to score runs quickly.

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